Haircut Styles You Will Be Asking For In 2018


In 2017 we saw the multi-colored unicorn hair, loose and delightfully lazy lobs and then some fun not too short and not too long looks. If you checked out Pinterest you would know braids were everywhere too as were pixie cuts. So what will be the haircut styles to look out for in 2018?

Here are some hairstyles that you will be saving on your phone so that you can show it to your stylist the next time you go for a haircut.

Shoulder lengths

For a clean and sleek look, women will go for a shorter hair. The chin and shoulder lengths will be seen everywhere as they also help get rid of those fried and frazzled follicles.

Natural looking

So apart from the wild and crazy looks with daring styles and hues, there will be a more natural look preference as well. The trends in 2018 will focus more on natural beauty.

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Shaggy Bob

A short pixie will be transformed into a longer and shaggier bob. A long bob can be versatile and styled many ways. Straight and sleek or shaggy and messy.


This style emerged in 2017 and will continue to grow this year. Pastel hair will not be the sole domain of light haired women. It looks just as magnificent when done subtly on a brunette. So there will a lot of pinks and blues.

Unfussy and textured

A long hair with textures and also a textured mid length will become a go to. Easy loose and flowy textures will be adapted than the fussy look. Slicked back tousled or loose there will be a lot of play with texture no matter what length of hair.

Dramatic bangs

The bangs growing out of cheekbones will be the new “in” 2018. For the curtain bangs look you can part the bangs from the middle which also prevents them from having to constantly blow them out of your eyes.

Asymmetrical style

It is a long one side shorter on the other and can be partnered with bright shade for a beautiful looking mane.

Tapered afro

Those manes with kinky curly tresses can get this style to enjoy the volume and glory of curly hair. It’ll never look boring. You can be experimental with it by trying an undercut, lots of lengths on top or a shorter finish with marked edges or a more natural finish.

Long Layers

For those who love to play safe always and can never imagine short hair can enjoy the playfulness of long layers. It adds texture and volume.

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