Capsule Wardrobe: 8 Reasons Why Successful People Wear Same Type Of Clothes Daily


A new concept of choosing similar apparel is becoming a movement named ‘Capsule Wardrobe’. If you ponder, you will find successful individuals follow the same rule every day.

In this world of fast fashion where people changes clothes quicker than the hour hand changes its position, successful people like to wear the same type of clothes every day.

successful people clothing same

For instance, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg always appears in a gray t-shirt. Steve Jobs, Co-founder, Apple, always appeared in black sweatshirts, specifically the turtle necks.

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If you are asking the question ‘why this weird and unconventional rule when they can have everything in the world?’ Here is the perfect list of 8 answers for this question.

  1. Making fewer decisions

Choosing the right dress is the biggest dilemma that eats half your brain every day in the beginning. These brilliants ditched the itch by choosing the same clothing style over and over again. It will surely make your brain more available for making superior decisions all day long.

  1. Wasting less time

Narrowing your fashion options will broaden your time available for doing other works. You will save a lot of time from the beginning of the day. This is also called a minimalist approach.

The majority of the Japanese people have adopted this approach to make their lives simpler. They have shunned many luxuries and reduced the number of items they use to a minimum to make ample space for freedom, happiness, and de-cluttered life.

  1. Stress Buster

Wearing the same color combination every day will reduce a lot of stress. You can concentrate more on better things.

  1. Wasting less energy

Choosing a dress combination from a pile is a waste of energy, as per this new concept. This is why Christopher Nolan only adorns black trousers and dark lapelled jacket.

  1. Fewer choices but impressive

Reducing the choices to fewer but impressive ones will make it easier to choose one. You will also feel better, far away from dilemmas.

  1. Being an icon

Once you start donning the same style of clothes, you will become an icon. It is like a uniform of a brand or doctrine you have created.

Successful people capsule wardrobe

  1. Saving resources

A minimalist wardrobe is less expensive. In fact, we have always felt guilty for not wearing what we have purchased.

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  1. Inner peace

Minimizing the alternatives made Drew Barrymore happier. She adopted the concept of  ‘capsule wardrobe’ and has found inner peace.

This is exactly what a minimalist approach known as capsule wardrobe can do to your life.