4 Successful Startups Which Were Started By Friends


Friendship is a relationship that has a meaningful effect on our lives and we choose it ourselves. The feeling of friendship is always present in our mind and always provide positivity in our life. It is not only a relationship, but a sense of trust, care, respect, and joy is a unique blend.

There are many examples of successful people who with the help of their friends are ruling the corporate world with their successful startups. Here are five successful firms started by best friends

Flipkart –

What Flipkart stands today Its foundation was laid by two students of IIT Delhi Binny and Sachin Bansal. He started this company from an apartment with a minimal investment of 10 thousand rupees. It is known that both Sachin and Binny Bansal were best friends and are climbing the ladders of success in the world of e-commerce today.