Mahindra Creates Ventilator Prototype For Under Rs 7500 In 48 Hours


Indian firm Mahindra has decided to make ventilators to fight the coronavirus pandemic in collaboration with the Indian government. In addition, teams from Igatpuri and Mumbai plants of Mahindra with the help of R&D team have created the prototype of the first ventilator within 48 hours.

Mahindra’s Managing Director, Pawan K. Goenka, shared the video of a prototype of the ventilator on social networking website Twitter. Moreover, he also stated that the company is working closely with two large PSUs and the existing ventilator manufacturer firm to help them simplify the design.

Anand Mahindra stated that these ventilator devices, which cost between Rs 5-10 lakh, will be available for less than Rs 7,500 once manufactured.

Above all, the specialty of this low budget ventilator is the air pumping rate, which can be easily regulated by a speed control switch. Above all, there is a potentiometer attached to handle the rpm of the motor and volume of oxygen supplied can be adjusted too! Mahindra is also planning to create 500 face shields for frontline medical professionals.

Some of India’s biggest automobile manufacturers have shared their plans to provide ventilators and other equipment to the Indian government. Furthermore, on the other hand, Maruti Suzuki has also tied up with the Agva Healthcare and is increasingly making ventilators. The company plans to create 10,000 ventilators every month.