6 Telangana Men Who Attended Delhi Mosque Congregation Die Of Coronavirus, 200 Develop Symptoms


Over 2,000 Muslim people from different states of India and countries attended the Tabligh-e-Jamaat congregation in Nizamuddin, Delhi from March 1-15. Six people who attended this meeting at Nizamuddin have died after testing positive of coronavirus in Telengana. A vast number of people were staying in this area, out of which few of them have returned. Delhi Police, CRPF and medical teams went to the locality after a large number of people started showing symptoms of coronavirus.

Around, 200 people from Delhi’s Nizamuddin were taken to the hospital for coronavirus test as they started developing symptoms.

As many as 200 people, including citizens of more than ten countries, have been taken to different hospitals here from the Nizamuddin Markaz Mosque, Nizamuddin, South East Delhi, amidst growing threats of coronavirus. Those taken for the test include around 100 foreign nationals from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, England and China.

Above all, a person who attended the meeting at Nizamuddin got tested positive for coronavirus in Srinagar. Furthermore, the Indian people part of the congregation left via trains and flights. Now, some coronavirus cases got reportedly detected in people from different states having travel history in the group at Nizamuddin, Delhi.

A resident of Nizamuddin said that there are about 600 people in Markaz. Out of them, 200 people have got admitted to different hospitals for corona screening. Six people taken for coronavirus testing have died in Telangana. The area around Markaz has also been wholly sealed and monitoring the entire area with a drone. The police are also constantly patrolling to ensure that no one is roaming outside.

India has currently reported 1071 coronavirus cases with a death toll of 29 people so far. Moreover, now the incident of Nizamuddin area has grown concerns of coronavirus cases in Delhi among the officials.