Online Smartphones Sales Hit High


The smartphone market offers a variety of smartphones from brands both well and less known in the smartphone industry. Customers need to choose wisely, check the specs performance, and decide what device suits their needs and interests the best. According to statistics, it’s expected that smartphone sales in India will reach $442 million by 2022. This only proves the fact that online sales of smartphones is on the rise in this country. To illustrate this, let’s take a deeper look at the situation in the online sales market in India.

Brands like Xiaomi have proven successful in the online smartphone sales market in India. Taking a look at the statistics, Xiaomi took over 51% of the total online smartphone sales in India. On the other hand, other fast-growing smartphone companies like Realme have increased their sales with their latest flagship devices. Other companies like Vivo took only 16% of the total online sales of smartphones in India. Amazon has grown by 3% sales this year, while Flipkart takes around 50% of the shares on the online market.

Online Casinos, a Contributing Factor to Smartphone Sales

There is an increase in smartphone purchases during lockdown since more people want to enjoy online entertainment such as gambling and real money games in India. Gambling is another industry on the rise in India where casinos in Goa are legalized. According to a research,

  •       80% of Indians have at least once gambled, including casino gambling, sports betting, and lottery.
  •       The growth rate of online gambling in India is 20%.
  •       Half of India’s population uses smartphones on a daily basis.

If this trend continues, bearing in mind the fact that smartphone sales increase too, India can become a gambling powerhouse with annual revenue that exceeds a billion dollars. Players can easily find all information they need by attending the casino days information for Indian players.

Samsung- The Market Leader in Online Sales Worldwide

Korean smartphone manufacturer hits high on the smartphone market. The high level of functionality, all-in-one smartphone devices that allow you to perform all kinds of things using a single device, is the reason behind the popularity of the smartphone brand in recent years. According to online retail giants like Amazon and Craigslist, they share the news from the online selling industry that more and more people decide to buy smartphones online instead of visiting stores. This fact shouldn’t come as a surprise because people believe that online sales offer way more benefits over conventional buying in stores.

As a result, smartphone brands like Samsung have proven a significant rise in sales on the online market.

  •       It’s expected that by the end of the year, Samsung will have sold 165. 1 million smartphones worldwide, which leaves behind Huawei and Apple with 192.7 and 190.1 million copies sold respectively.
  •       The online smartphone sales ratio will double as compared to the sales today.

This fact should encourage other smartphone manufacturers to improve their online selling strategies to put your smartphone devices on the map.

The Situation with Online Selling in Other Countries

There were recent changes in the smartphone industry that have influenced sales on the online sales market. The changes in the customer’s behavior that show a tendency towards digitalization is another advantage of the online sales platform against offline shopping in stores. India continues to increase the online sales of smartphones noting a record of 40% of the total smartphone sales ratio. In comparison, other countries like the UK and China have 35% and 30% online sales percentage of the total sales, both online and offline, respectively.

The situation in India is not much different from other European countries or in America, for instance. They all show the tendency of online sales growth, thanks to the numerous advantages of online shopping that customers enjoy when shopping online. Apple remains the top online seller of smartphones in America, China remains loyal to Huawei devices and as the leader in online smartphone sales, while Lazada takes around 60% of the total online sales in Southeast Asia.