Teen Patti – Tips to Ace the Game


Online games are available in many forms and types including online gambling and sports betting. A quick search online will give you a vast option for online games, and it is not surprising to know that even classic Indian games have successfully made their way to the online gambling world. One of the most popular classic Indian games that made its way to the casino arena is Teen Patti. 


The game rule is easy, but winning requires more than just knowing the rules. It requires strategy and techniques, especially if you want to outsmart your opponent. When it comes to Teen Patti game strategy, there are vast strategies you can use, but not all of them work. Therefore, it is a must to distinguish which strategy works so you can focus your efforts on learning such a strategy.


In this article, we will discuss some of the strategies you can use when playing Teen Patti. Feel free to check it out


  • Begin with small steps – If it is your first time playing Teen Patti – you are still learning the ins and outs of the game. Although Teen Patti gaming rule is simple, it is a must to familiarize the game so you will not make mistakes that will lead you to lose the game. Do not get excited about placing huge bets. Begin with a small bet and gradually increase your bet as you learn the rope. 


  • Embrace your losses – Even if you get the hang of the game, there are instances when you experience losses. It’s normal, but what’s not normal is to be disheartened. Embrace your losses and learn from them. In every game, you win some, and you lose some. It happens to both newbie and pro players. 


  • Practice makes perfect – If you want to be an expert at something, you need to practice more often, which also applies to gambling. Indulge more in Teen Patti so you will get the hang of it, and, eventually, you’ll be able to come up with a winning strategy. It takes a lot of practice and patience to learn the rope of Teen Patti, but it will all be worth it, especially if you are doing it in the long run. 


  • Do not play for money right away – Many online casinos give players options to play with real cash or virtual money. If you don’t know the game yet or are still practicing its ins and outs, it is best to play using virtual money. That way, you will know how the game works without risking your money. Play Teen Patti using real cash only if you already have a tested and proven effective Teen Patti strategy. 



  • Take part in blind games – What sets Teen Patti apart from the rest is it gives you the option to play blindly. What it means by play blindly is you get to guess your cards as well as other players’ cards. It adds more excitement and thrill to the game.


  • Set limitations – Gambling can be addicting, and if you don’t set a limit, you will most likely end up digging a hole in your pocket. Before starting to play Teen Patti or any other games that involve money, you need to set a limit, an amount you are comfortable losing. 


  • Avoid common mistakes – Aside from having a game strategy, it is also important to know players’ common mistakes and how to avoid them:
    • Poor table knowledge – One of the common mistakes players make when playing Teen Patti is poor table knowledge. It is a must to learn the proper table arrangement as different positions have different meanings. By knowing the correct table position, you will be able to come up with an informed and wise decision. 
    • Limping – If there is one position that Teen Patti players should avoid, it would be limping, as it often leads to losing. A limping position means handling more than one task at a given time. If you are a newbie, such a strategy won’t work because other pro players will take advantage of you. 



Teen Patti has come a long way, from the streets of India to online casinos. It is one of the most entertaining classic Indian games, hence, the reason for its popularity. However, to succeed at playing Teen Patti, you need to have a strategy. It is not enough to know what needs to be done and know what should not be done. The information mentioned above can significantly help increase your chances of winning. Players should take the time to know the ins and outs of the game and learn how to manage bankroll efficiently. Do not be impulsive with your decision, as impulsive players often do not succeed. Calculate your move wisely.