4 Things That Change In Friendship When You Turn 20


In your teens, your friends are some of the most important people in your life but as you grow old, you notice a few changes in your life and relationships. It is hard to have complete control on your friendship because it’s a two way relationship. If you are in your twenties and are having a little problem in maintaining the tight bond with your friend then you’ll definitely relate to this.

It’s Quality Over Quantity:

Image result for friends having fun gifWhen you turn 20, you’re either working somewhere or pursuing your education.
It’s not that you don’t want to see each other—it’s that you’re all so busy that setting a a date to hang out becomes close to impossible. Meeting your friends becomes a tough task, there are times when you don’t get to meet your bestie for several months. Now even a few hours spent with your best friend feels great. You realize, spending quality time with your friends is more important than just spending quantity time.

People Change:

Image result for people change gifWell, it’s a hard fact to digest but, yes people do change. When you grow up, your priorities change, you become more career oriented. You meet more people and make more friends and meanwhile there are chances that you may forget your old college mate. It’s just the same with your friends and it may seem a little heart breaking for you. Especially, when people start a new family or move to a different location, they change genuinely change, it’s an adjustment we all are doing with our lives.

You Can Count Your Friends With Your Fingers:

Image result for counting fingers gifDuring school and college, you are surrounded with a lot of people and which is why you probably have a lot of friends. But while you are working you are left with very little time, which you use to relax your mind and body. This means you’ll not be very connected to your friends  and you’ll lose friends because now, you just don’t have anything in common anymore. Sometimes you lose friends because you realize they never treated you right.

Sometimes They Choose Love Over Your Friendship:

Image result for choosing love over friends gif
When you get older and your relationships starts becoming serious, they somehow become your priority. This doesn’t mean your friends aren’t important, it just means that you all have other people to look out for. We know how tough it is to prioritize between friends and partner.

Life is hard and maintaining relationships are harder but you need to find a balance.