7 Emotional Stages One Might Go Through In Lock-down


Worldwide, cities are closed, borders are sealed, aeroplanes which ruled the sky carrying passengers are stranded on the hanger. Subways are closed, markets are empty, human life has stopped buzzing due to coronavirus.

People in their homes are locked and can’t step out because of the fear of catching virus.

During the lockdown one might go through these seven emotional stages –


One might feel happy to get rid of daily boring lectures, hectic schedule of the workplace. This stage is of exploring yourself, completing all the side projects, picking up the old hobby again or improving a skill.



At this moment, you feel anxious, worried about long dreary days of isolation, but your heart tries to lift your morale. You feel determined to keep your mind away from negativity and get back up and manage the situation.

Frustration and Satisfaction


One may experience mixed feelings and mood swings while remaining at home for an extended period. At one moment one can be productive but the other moment lazy. One might get stuck between moments of frustration and satisfaction.


Being under quarantine, not meeting new people and boredom can cause depression. Your usual routine is poorly hit, and you have to stay confined in four walls. You may have to stick with restlessness, lack of concentration and loneliness for a while. Depression is pretty evident as you miss going out with people, talking to your friends, chatting with colleagues or missing loved ones.


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Seeing the same person again and again, not able to do anything may make you angry. In your household, you might get irritated by even small things. It’s better to watch movies, read books and meditate or do yoga to take out the negativity from your mind.


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When a few days have passed in isolation, you might start accepting the scenario and carry out the daily chores you were doing since day one of lockdown. You may lose some hope, but it won’t shatter yous.

Making meaning

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One must remember that isolating yourself is for your good and the human race. Its the best time to serve to help survive humanity and prevent coronavirus and more sufferings.