Multiple Health Benefits Of Sex Which One Should Check Out


Sex is an integral part of human life that we cannot ignore. Regularly having it makes the relationship much more reliable and healthier. Sex not only gives you a good feeling and satisfaction for some time, but it is also very beneficial for health. People who regularly have sex have greater emotional resilience.


Here are several benefits of having sex –

Lowers Chances of Heart Attacks

There is a deep correlation between sex life and death from heart attack. Sexually active people have fewer chances of getting a heart attack. It is no surprise that the people who are sexually active in the relationship are young and usually healthy.

Ward off Stress & Reduces High Blood Pressure 

Experts say that during sexual intercourse, the body produces a hormone called dopamine and endorphins that helps fight stress and makes us calm. It also helps maintaining high blood pressure.

Sex Helps In losing Weight


Sex is an excellent form of exercise. Different muscles, while having sex, get contracted, and the heart rate also increases. According to the experts, five calories per minute are burned during sex and is can helps boost weight loss.

Greater Immunity


At the time of having sex, the heart starts pumping too much blood, causing the body to become agile, fight illnesses, and become healthy. This improves the immunity of the body that helps fight against diseases.

Sex improves sleep


ex helps people fall asleep immediately as a hormone called prolactin is released after sexual intercourse, which induces relaxation and helps people get better sleep. The process of orgasm releases prolactin, a hormone naturally aiding sleep. It encourages relaxation and a feeling of drowsiness.

Sex helps promote mental health

It is true that sex keeps your brain healthy and running and provides mental peace. The tension between your partner and becomes low, which strengthens the relationship. Hence sex is nothing less than a boon for mental health. Along with your physical ability, sex enhance your mental health and strengthen the relationships.

To ease pain in the body

Sex is beneficial in reducing pain in any part of the body. The hormones released during sex reduces pain. It also provides relief in pain during menstruation because of vaginal stimulation.