Secrets of Women Who Always Have Perfect Hair


The ladies who have great manes definitely owe it to their genes but they also know a thing or two about maintaining it. Here are some things that they do to keep their hair perfect and lush.

To start with they get a great haircut

With enough styling, one can achieve the perfect look. However, we lack the time or skills to do so on a regular basis. So all we need is an expertly styled cut to transform the chunk of locks to a swingy prim masterpiece that hardly needs much work in the morning.

They smartly wash

They smartly choose their shampoo which is gentle and sulfate free. They know the water temperature to wash the hair should be lukewarm and the technique which is to soak hair first and then massage the shampoo into roots with the help of the pad of your fingers. These are ways you can ensure your locks are properly cleaned and without losing any moisture.

They have their own conditioning rules

They always condition after shampooing and apply conditioner before shampooing. This removes excess oil and protects from damaging the ends.

They are vigilant of scalp buildup

With dry shampoo usage excessively and sweat accumulation on strands, you cannot escape a little scalp buildup. It can clog hair follicles to further hinder hair growth. Once in a week, soak a cotton ball with tea tree oil and dab it on your scalp to clear any form of debris. And then wash your hair as usual.

They regularly get trims

Every two to three months, snip off an inch or less by your stylist. You won’t lose much length as your hair will grow faster. Split ends form when you put off trims for a long time, which may mean you will need a chunk chopped off in the long run.

However, they spare the styling

This also includes brushing. It is just a myth about whole 100 strokes a day. The less you touch your locks the less damage you’ll do. Find different ways to air dry it and get texture by sleeping with braids.

And when they do style they go easy on the heat

Before styling gently remove water from with the help of a t-shirt. When your hair is 75% dry finish the rest of your hair with a blow dryer with low heat. And then give your hair final blast of cold air to lock everything in. If you want to have curls section it off into two or three parts equally and then curl.


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