Is Your Beard Putting You At Risk Of Coronavirus?

Men with beard are raising questions on the social media whether they should keep the beard or go clean shave in the wake of coronavirus.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), having a beard on the face can increase the risk of getting coronavirus infection. CDC agency believes that due to hair on the face, the effect of leakage from mask increases by a thousand times. A clean shave is said to be the best solution in such a situation. Moreover, a few days ago, nurses in China cut down their long hairs to avoid contracting the virus.

Moreover, the CDC had earlier released the 36 types of beard styles and their effect on the mask. Five beard styles that are masked are appropriate for safety, while 18-style beard is kept in the unsafe category. At the same time, the infection can also be prevented by adopting 13 types of beard style. According to the viral photo of the CDC, it is better not to keep a beard.

Several studies are suggesting that people carrying COVID-19 can easily infect rooms, cars, and other spaces for extended periods by merely coughing or sneezing. Therefore for people with beards have more risk of catching coronavirus strand on their facial hairs. According to the scientists at Princeton University, coronavirus can survive up to 3 days in plastic, steel, cardboard etc. Whereas in aerosol it can survive for up to 3 hours. Aerosols can spread up to 30 feet from the infected person in the air.

The best way to avoid coronavirus infection is to wash hands regularly after specific time intervals. Using hand sanitizers, avoiding public places and maintaining basic hygiene is quite useful.

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The total number of coronavirus cases has jumped to 1,39,000, and the death toll has reached to 5,100. The virus has spread to more than 130 countries, and major cities in the world are under lockdown.

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