Know the Best Bangs Women Can Get According To Their Face Shape


Every woman has a point in his life when she asks herself if she should get bangs? And yes you can with any kind of face shape. It is a way to top up your look with a few snips. You just have to consider what kind of face shape you have before heading to the salon and get the right cut.

You know very well the wrong fringe can totally disrupt the whole look of your face. So understand your face shape better to get the best bangs as instructed below.

Round face

You face should have a side swept bang if you wish to get fringes. Side swept bangs are very flattering on round face shapes as the angle of hair where it hits the face will the slim the appearance of wide cheeks. Make sure the ends are smooth so they blend in quite well with the rest of your hair.

Square face

This face shape can have heavy, layered bangs that just fall right below the brows to visually soften the strong jawline.  You will have to ask your stylist to angle the ends so the hair skims the tops of your cheekbones.

Oblong face

Your face should have a fringe that is longer and thicker on sides. When you have weight on the face’s outer limits it creates an illusion of a more oval shape.

Oval face

Your face shape can technically pull off any fringe cut. But curtain bangs, the fringes that can be parted from the center help frame your face’s symmetry perfectly. The grow out phase is very short given the starting length.

Heart face

Your face shape should have a more wispy fringe. A feathered bang which falls straight across your forehead will help minimize the huge part of your face while you are able to show off the stunning cheekbones.

(Photo Credit: thefashionspot, elleuk, Pinterest, chicksinfo)