How To Air Dry Your Hair Right and Not Look Like a Poodle


If you did not know then here is the fact: fully air drying your hair can actually damage your hair. So now you are thinking how you actually style it then. It is all about choosing the right products for the specific texture of your hair and combining it with a little heat to help and not hurt the air drying process.

So the right combination of both you can get the best result without looking a poodle.

Fine hair

For the ladies with fine hair chuck the heavy creams and oil and opt for spraying a lightweight leave-in conditioner and then comb it through. It will smoothen the cuticle without weighing down. Then blast your roots with the blow dryer lifting sections as you go.

When the hair is 60% dry let it air dry rest of the way. You can spray some shine serum if you need a polished touch. Just spritz some on your hands and work it through the ends only.

Thick hair

So take a quarter-sized amount of styling cream and run it from the mid-shaft of your hair strands to the end. To do so, part your hair in four sections twisting each into a small bun. You can secure the buns with a U-shaped pin. Untie your hair when 80% of the hair is dry and blow dry the rest. Blend the waves as you go.

Curly hair

Coat a moisturizing cream on your curls. Dry your hair using a diffuser until it is about halfway there. Twist ringlets into your desired shape and leave them to dry without disturbing.

If you like kinkier curls or have it then after applying cream try braiding it into four parts. Once your hair dries totally apply a few drops of hydrating oil to separate the ringlets and give your hair some shine.

Wavy hair

It is the easiest to style and wavy hair just needs to be coaxed out their hair with some mousse and muscle. Run tennis ball sized amount of mousse through your damp hair. Roughly dry your hair on a low setting when its half was done. Then tie it into a big loose braid and coiled the braid into a bun securing it below the crown. Shake it all loose after drying fully.

Short hair

Towel dry and comb your hair spraying some sea salt spritz throughout. Then flip your head upside down and blow dry lightly. When its halfway dry twist just a few strands into a small bun and secure while letting the rest air dry. Take down the bun after hair completely drying and finish with a quick blast of cool air.

(Phot credit: Pinterest, modenahair, therighthairstyles)