Secret Ways to Help You Avoid Frizzy Hair


You will always find that one girl who swans across the room with incredibly silky hair and what blows your mind is that her hair stays just the same for the entire day no matter how much they are outside under the sun or any weather, how much ever they play with their hair. One thing that we all agree in this case that, that particular girl maybe definitely blessed with an amazing mane. However, it is more likely that they have few tricks that they use that gives them frizz free hair every day.

Let’s take a look at the secrets of women who never seem to have frizzy hair.

A different kind of shampoo

So a lot of drugstore shampoos may contain detergents which can damage the hair texture completely. Instead, go for a cleansing cream. These are gentler alternatives that do two jobs, cleanses and conditions your hair. This keeps your hair’s natural oil intact.

Right styling products

Even the women with a perfect hair didn’t wake up like that. For shiny locks, you have to use serums or oils on thin hair or creams for thick or curly hair. Apply them downwards to avoid midday grease and keep the hair smooth by applying it when wet to also act as a heat protectant.

Choose less heat

They hardly blast their hair with a blow dryer. When they do they air dry before blow drying in a cool setting until all the moisture is gone. For the smoothest finish keep the nozzle downward pointing.

Seal all those products in

Lock your sleek styles with anti-humidity or finishing spray that creates a barrier against elements. The newer formulas are not sticky or crunchy sprays.

Spend time on additional treatment

They spend additional time on treating their hair and very interestingly. Like getting a weekly hair mask treatment or treating hair for hydrating it if it is extra dry causing frizzy hair. If you have fine hair apply some hot oil before shampooing. Ladies with medium to thick hair should get creamier masks. Let the mask absorb thoroughly before rinsing it off.

Ditch your old towels

Get yourself a microfiber ones that are softer and produce less friction. Never rub your hair but blot.

Eat a lot of fat

We mean the good kind of fat like omega 3 fatty acids which can be found in avocados, salmon etc. It will strengthen your brittle strands. Eating fat will also allow your hair to gain more moisture to help your scalp and hair. Meanwhile, your nails will get better too.