The Woman who escorted IAF Officer Abhinandan Varthaman – Dr Fariha Bugti


Stepping on the Indian soil from Pakistan on Friday at 9:20 AM, IAF officer Abhinandan Varthaman is, finally back to Hindustan. In the video footage, a woman was seen accompanying him to the zero line when we approached towards his home country. Her name is Dr Fariha Bugti. The media mistook the woman as the officer’s wife but she is actually an FSP officer who takes care of Indian affairs at the Foreign Office of Pakistan.

The Woman who escorted IAF Officer Abhinandan Varthaman – Dr Fariha Bugti

When it comes to Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Bugti is a highly distinguished officer for subtly handling all Indo-Pak cases. For instance, she is one of the head officials for handling Kulbhushan Jadhav’s case. Jadhav who is right now in Pakistan captivity has been charged to be an Indian spy. He was accompanied by Bugti last year when he met his wife & mother.

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The current tension that has occurred between India & Pakistan, matters related to this is also monitored by Dr Bugti who it utilizing the diplomatic channel for certifying de-escalation. The political establishment of both the country does not want to initiate war right now.

Joined the FSP in 2005, Bugti has been a true professional and have always been praised for her communication skills. Dr Bugti is from Balochistan & is the sole woman officer to be appointed in the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan.

February 27 was a day full of terror as it commenced with the air combat between India & Pakistan’s forces. During the combat, the Pakistan authorities took IAF Officer Varthaman in captivity after his aircraft fell to the grounds after getting hit. He was also attacked by an angry mob when the Pakistan military came to his rescue. Such information was perceived from a video that was released by Pakistani Officials. Soon after in another video, Varthaman was seen sipping tea & was also interacting with numerous officials present.

FSP officer

In the entire video, IAF pilot Varthman was seen calm & brave despite of the current ongoing tensions between the two countries. It can be said that Peace is not an option but a necessity especially after his return to India.

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