Wing Commander Abhinandan Reveals That He Was Mentally Harassed In Pakistan


Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardhman has made a big exposure to the behavior of Pakistan. According to sources, Wing Commander Abhinandan has told that he had suffered mental harassment in Pakistan. He did this disclosure after coming to India. The Government of India is preparing to raise this issue at a bigger level so that Pakistan can be exposed in the whole world. He was handed over to India at around 9.30 pm yesterday night.

After this disclosure of Wing Commander, Pakistan is accused of ignoring the Geneva Convention rules in this matter. Such prisoners cannot be tortured physically or mentally during the Convention rules. Wing commander Abhinandan were captured by the Pakistani authorities on 27th February. In fact, during a clash with Pakistani fighters, their MiG 21 fell.

But before the crash of his plane, he had killed the F-16 of the Pakistani Air Force. After the return of Abhinandan, he was rushed for medical examination, he has now been shifted to the air force’s hostel. However, it has not been clear yet what has come out of his medical report.

In addition to the Nirmala Sitaraman and other close relatives of Abhinandan met him in hospital. Apart from this, the high officials of the Air Force also spoke to him. Wing commanders reached Delhi at around 11.45 pm on Saturday night. Here he was brought to Air Force Central Medical Stabilisation. Here he had gone through several procedures and checkups, which is likely to continue till Sunday.

Defense Minister Sitharaman during the meeting told him that the entire nation is proud of his courage and determination. According to officials, during the meeting, Abhinandan told to the Defense Minister how he was treated during the 60 hours spent in Pakistan. Earlier on Saturday morning Abhinandan also met his family members.

The Pakistan army released a video in which he was being questioned. However, Abhinandan showed his bravery and refused to provide information with great boldness. However, when he entered the Indian territory, there was swelling near his right eye. Apart from this, during the investigation and medical checkup, he received some injury marks and some fracture on the body.

Three Pakistani aircraft infiltrated the Indian border to target our military bases. Two MiG-21 and three Sukhoi-30 aircraft were instructed to stop this mission. During the response, Abhinandan shot down Pakistani F-16 aircraft, but in this attempt, his plane was crashed into the Pakistani border and was taken captive.