Your Job Doesn’t Only Owe You A Paycheck, Know What Are The Other Things You Deserve


We often don’t land ourselves in jobs that give us 100% job satisfaction in spite of the paycheck. However, we try to adjust it while we are looking for ‘better’ options. 

It is important for your employers to understand that it is not just the paycheck that makes it worthwhile to work in an organisation. There is so much more. 

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Here is a list of ten things that you deserve from your job, besides a paycheck.

  • A pleasant, safe and comfortable working environment free of physical dangers (including mold in the ventilation system or other building-related hazards) and free of harassment, bullying or discrimination.
  • A trusting environment in which employees can speak their minds without fear of punishment.
  • A supportive environment for teamwork, collaboration, and innovation.
  • Acknowledgment of an employee’s hard work, and honesty in communication about every topic, work-related and otherwise.
  • Competent and ethical leadership and supervision.
  • Fair treatment, wages, and management policies.
  • The opportunity to grow professionally and personally.
  • The training, equipment and communication employees need to be successful at their jobs.
  • Reasonable employee benefits including vacation, sick and personal time.
  • Respect for their lives outside of work. 

It is important to understand that you deserve more than merely what employment laws require. Some workplaces have the management philosophy:  “We’ve got a job opening for you — take it or leave it!” That’s not the kind of job that one should settle for.

It could be in any industry and any size employer. Small companies do not have a monopoly on talent-aware cultures and big companies are not necessarily worse places to work than small companies are. You have to go on a job interview and see for yourself!

Apart from your job interviews themselves, pay close attention to your communication with the employer’s representatives (via email, text and voice calls) during your interviewing process. 

If you stay tuned in, you will be able to tell whether your prospective employer and your prospective boss deserve your talents or not.

You need and deserve a new job that will value you as a contributor. It is important to say ‘NO’ to those opportunities that are not ready to make use of your talents and make you feel wanted. A hefty paycheck does not always to do that! 

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