Signs That Imply That You’re About To Take A Bad Career Decision


In our everyday life, we are faced with many choices from waking up to getting back to sleep. Most of them are not of much consequence but some of them are significant. Making a wrong choice can land us in a juncture returning from which is often difficult. 

Career decisions are examples of the second kind of choices.

Should you take that promotion? Move to a different city? Transition to a new industry? Launch a business or take your side business full-time?

Decision-making is tough, particularly when there may not be one “right” answer. 

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However, here are five simple signs that can help you understand that you’re making wrong career decisions. Knowing these would help you get back to the job you love.

A sense of foreboding

Most of us have experienced a feeling that something is “off” or a sense of dread they can’t shake. Our sense of intuition says that something doesn’t feel right, we also have plenty of ways to rationalize these feelings away and ultimately discount them. You certainly don’t want to turn down a great offer or miss out on a solid opportunity because you’re feeling nervous. A big career move is bound to cause some butterflies. 

But an ongoing feeling of discomfort could be a sign you’re not ready or that this career move isn’t the best option for you. The best way is to calm ourselves down and think about how this career decision is going to affect us down the line.

A feeling of desperation

Feelings of desperation may take root when you’re deeply unhappy with your current position, or when you and your family are in a difficult financial situation. You might have an anxious feeling of simply wanting to get the decision over with.

When you feel panicky, it’s tough to maintain perspective, so consult someone who doesn’t share your emotional attachment to the situation. This may include a trusted friend, mentor or coach who can help you sort through options in an objective way.