Bangalore Company “Shadowfax” Directed Employees To Work From Home In Front Of Camera For 9 Hours!


Coronavirus cases in India are rising at a high rate now. Karnataka alone has witnessed 7 COVID-19 cases until now. As Bangalore is an IT city, several firms, startups, and big companies have directed their employees to work from home now.


However, now in an exceptional report, a startup named “Shadowfax” has advised its employees to work from home but in a weird condition.

Employees of Shadowfax have to work in front of the camera for 9 hours at home. Only by fulfilling this criterion, the employees are eligible to get paid for work. This uncanny announcement has undoubtedly raised the question about how much the company cares and trusts its employees. The company started getting backlash for its policy at the time of pandemic.

Shadowfax is a logistics based startup in Bangalore which have around 582 employees. The company got founded in 2015, and the current CEO is Naresh Bansal. Moreover, the current annual revenue of the company is $10.9 million and have reported its presence in more than 500 Indian cities.

People on social media have started to troll the company regarding its weird circular. Some people even pointed out the company policies, labor laws, and also trolled the CEO of the startup. Moreover, people working in this company even reported that this logistics startup had threatened its employees to follow their circular or face the consequences.

Other companies like Apple, twitter, google, amazon, Flipkart, and several other small, and big firms and startups have asked their employees to work from home. However, most of the companies in India don’t have well enough resources to make work from home successful. Furthermore, mostly logistic, e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart are getting affected due to coronavirus