5 Non-academic skills which every HR manager looks for !


While searching for a job, a candidates main focus is on discussing their achievements in the academic fields. Maximum job seekers carry along their academic records while going for the job interviews. Candidates often carry other documents such as souvenirs, medals and achievement certificates that talk about their laurels.

Job Interview

However, candidates are not aware that the hiring managers and recruitment partners are equally concerned about their non-academic skills, rather soft skills as well. Chief HR Officer of Home Credit India, Jindra Hachova spoke in an interview about the non-academic skills that make one candidate stand apart from the other.

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Some of the Skills include:

Sense of humour

The ability to smile or have some fun is a valuable asset at workplace as a healthy work environment can boost staff morale and raise the productivity. Person with good sense of humour manages to have smooth relationships among the organisations and he often handles easily and smoothly even the toughest situations.

Decision making

The ability to make quick and wise decisions is one of the key attributes that is needed in a prospective employee for any organisation. A candidate should be smart enough to be able to take risks in the form of important and bold decisions, keeping all pros and cons in mind. Any decision, if gone wrong should be taken as a lesson to learn for future.


An HR manager is always keen to check the ‘Curiosity Quotient’ of a job seeker. Curious people are innovative, good problem solvers and are also fast and natural learners at work. Also the intelligence level of the job seeker can also be tested by judging the way he cross questions or answers to the interviewer’s questions.


Integrity is said to be the hallmark of a person who demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles at work. Integrity is the foundation on which co-workers build relationships and trust. For me this is a basic prerequisite for any employee no matter what his role or designation is.