12 Phrases That Must Be Avoided At All Costs In A Job Interview


When you are off for an interview you need to remember that everything which comes out of your mouth is being registered and thought of by your recruiter and that might be a judging point for your existence in that company. Rejection phase can be a difficult one for you and that can probably dampen you. But if you consider reflecting your mistakes then there are high chances of you giving up your best shot in the next Interview.

1. No I don’t have any Question:-

Not asking any questions easily means that you haven’t done your homework. Even if you ask a single question it will be enough for them to remember you and it will also show that you are really excited about the job.

2. Will I have to work for the weekends:-

This will portray that you won’t go an extra mile when your company would need you. Why to ruin chances of getting that job you seriously want by asking such questions? Let them know that you are willing to work in a challenging environment and you would be ready to take on any responsibility if there comes an opportunity for growth.

3. What can I expect in terms of compensation:-

An interview is a process where you and your employer intend to get to know each other in a better way. If you are talking about what you can expect in terms of compensation then you are simply giving the impression that you are here only for the money and nothing else. Therefore keep this conversation for the HR round.

4. I really like doing Ex Task:-

Do not initiate a conversation by saying what your interests are and what you like doing. There may be a lot of people who may like doing something but still they are terribly bad at it professionally. Instead of it, tell them what you excel at and why you excel at it and how that can contribute to success, both for yourself and your potential employer.

5. I separate my work and my life:-

This gives a bad impression on your potential employer that you are not willing to put in extra hours in case of your company’s requirement. And also That you are not for the interview because your passion drives you but only because of some other reason. It simply shows that you are not ready to put in hard work. Your work will constitute a huge part of your life and you should be willing to sacrifice a few extra hours for the job you want.

6. I think I’d fit well with you guys:-

The words “you guys” is the exact issue here. It sounds highly unprofessional. They are sitting to hire professional and not buddies to pass time with. Keep a check on the words you use, as every word you utter is judged and decides your career.

7. I can work well with anyone:-

We all have different personalities and it is fair to admit what kind of people you are comfortable working with. Just be honest with your interviewer and tell them what kind of person you work best with. Your employer also knows that sometimes personalities clash and being honest will be a good start for both the parties unless you want to go on job hunt within few months again.

8. Il try anything:-

This shows that you are ready to experiment but it may also show that you are highly unfocused and not clear about what you want to do.

9. I work well with Limited supervision:-

If you say so, then your potential employer may assume that you only work well and prefer when there is no supervision at all. Let them know you can work on your own, but make sure you don’t sound like a lone wolf.

10. Im comfortable with Ex Task:-

When you say you are comfortable with a certain task, your employer might assume that you are too comfortable with your job and what they have to offer you is not challenging enough. They should get to know that you are looking for growth in your career through this job.

11. Im a perfectionist:-

When you boldly declare yourself as a perfectionist then it could make you come across as someone who is overconfident or blatantly lying. No one is actually perfect in life and everybody has flaws. Saying the truth and admitting your flaws will only present you as an honest candidate and one who knows his weaknesses. It builds trust.

12. No I’m fine:-

When you are offered anything to drink, like coffee or a glass of water just don’t repeat the phrase “No, I’m fine”. It looks unprofessional at times. Instead, you could say, “No, thank you. I’m all set for now.” This might seem a little more elongates but is more professional, respectful and polite.