4 Tricky Questions At Workplace That You Should Never Answer Honestly


If you like to be honest in your life, then it’s a good thing. But does being honest in your workplace really essential? You can be in a position where you are constrained to unusual tricky questions and your answers which can get you in difficulty. Know why you should avoid answering these tricky questions in your workplace –

How do you find your boss?
Talking about your boss in front of others is like a public test. This shows how professional and decent you are when talking to your senior. People make assumptions about you when you tell positive and negative things about your boss. Your attitude should always be professional, even if the boss is your close friend or hates you. So when someone asks you “How do you find your boss?”, try to avoid this question by not answering it or simply say positive things about him. Keep the negative things to yourself.

Why did you quit your last job?
Do not say negative things about your last job. It may be that the current interviewer knows the people of your previous company. Similarly, when you say the wrong thing about your last boss, then the interviewer will feel that tomorrow you will say the same thing about this company. Negative things about the last job will create a bad impact on you and the interview panellist will think that you won’t last long in their company/job too.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?
Avoid answering this question as it can spread like a wildfire in your office and will also show that you are no longer interested in working in this office/company and you may leave soon. Imagine what will happen if this thing reaches to your boss? You can face problems in promotion, getting holiday leaves and you can even get fired.

Hey, do you like that guy?
Don’t fall in the trap by answering this question. Your small little confession can spread like a wildfire in office and the atmosphere can become tricky for you. Keep these things with yourself only. If this secret of yours is spread in the office then the situation can be awkward for you and your crush.