Google paying Apple to remain default search engine on iOS


Google the largest search engine would be paying Apple nearly $ 9 billion for it to remain the default search engine on  Safari iOS. What’s more, Hall estimates this number could go up to $12 billion in 2019, though of course, neither company will publicly come out to confirm the numbers.


Google is the default search engine on Safari on iOS  though Siri also relies on Microsoft’s Bing for search on the web. As per the information, Hall said that Apple will be getting nearly $9billion per year for this deal from Google and there is a possibility that the number might grow.

According to the court filings in 2014, it is understood that Google had paid Apple $1 billion for this search deal that is only confirmed number as far as the deal is concerned. Interestingly, Hall adds that “Apple is one of the biggest channels of traffic acquisition for Google,

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Apple and Google both had a close relationship across the products earlier especially on the mobile though it has changed over the previous years. While the previous versions of  iOS had YouTube and Google Maps as their default applications those were pre-loaded in the device, in the year 2012 the entry of iOS 6 came to an end.


Then, both were later  removed as the pre-loaded applications on the device even though they were continued to remain on the  App store. It was even reported that the YouTube was then pulled down as the default one as Google had requested this and it was not Apple’s decision.

Once again coming back to the same  topic on how much Google would be paying Apple to be its default engine, the analyst’s report also notes that the payment is only a “fraction of the money Google makes on iOS through paid searches.

According to the report, it is also said that in the year 2017, the analyst Toni Sacconaghi of Bernstein had said that Google was paying Apple $3 billion per year for the search deal.

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