Here’s A List Of Things That You Need To Delete From Your Facebook, NOW


The Cambridge Analytica scam has shaken people to their core across the world but did we really need a Christopher Wiley to tell us that our data is now out there, somewhere which can be picked up and used to our advantage?


Probably no.

Although, a trial is going on to hold Facebook accountable for the illegal sharing. However, one wonders if it’s really going to work.

Facebook might allow its users to download ALL the data that have been gathered by the social media giant, but that would surely be a sham.

Listed below are some things that need to be removed from your Facebook account at the soonest.

Delete friends you don’t know

It is unnecessary to keep a huge number of people as ‘friends’ on Facebook, especially if they are unknown to one. Hardly any of them come to you during your hour of need but they just add on to the data being stored.

So, it’s high time you delete them.

Your birthday

Deleting one’s birthday from the account can save us from identity theft. Guess, we could do without some of those unnecessary birthday wishes and videos.

Photographs of your children

With the growing concern about data sharing and data leakage, it is advisable for parents to not put their children’s photographs on Facebook, especially without their consent.

Your phone number

With the right tools, a person can discover your address through your phone number. If they can access the data linked to your phone number, they can unlock a whole lot of other data about you that nobody needs to know.

Best, delete that from your account.

Where your child is going to school

Considering the rise in sexual harassment cases of children, it is advisable that these pieces of information are not shared publicly on Facebook.

Where you are going on vacation

Insurance policies factor in social media now. Travelers have been robbed of their possessions while on vacation, and due to publicly posting about their plans to vacation, they were risking having their insurance claims denied.

Along with this, sharing one’s location on Facebook is also uncalled for.

Your manager

Unless you are onto something that requires your manager to be your friend on Facebook, it is completely unnecessary to have your manager on your friend list.

Relationship status

Sharing this information does no one any good excepting the ones who might want to hurt you. Best, get done with it.

Card details

It’s really easy to receive a payment through Facebook now. In fact, if people do nothing but talk about “payment” Facebook will automatically offer the service.

If you receive money, be sure to disconnect your debit card from your Facebook after.

Travel ticket

Posting a boarding pass for a flight is naive and should never be done. It is important to realize there are predators and people who commit robberies out there.

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