Tips For Women Struggling To Balance Personal and Professional Life


Albeit women are well-known to be jugglers, yet multi-tasking the office work and at the same time handling family life isn’t that easy. Striking the perfect balance between the two becomes more arduous after the lady becomes a mother and is also at the top level of her  career, that also requires undivided attention.


Most of the ladies end up paying a huge price—stress, sleepless nights and health, to name a few—for a rewarding career and a happy family. Lost betwixt the demands of her professional and the personal life, the 21st centenary women are barely left with more time for herself. Then there comes a stage when she needs to select one between the duo—either her career or family. So how do women who has both, end up balancing work and family life so perfectly? The following tips can surely help to understand that.

Be organised and prioritize your work

Arranging your priorities is of utmost importance. One must figure out your unavoidable responsibilities those exists in both your personal and professional life. One must also find out the other areas of work those can be easily avoided. For example: being with your child after office might be more important than picking up groceries. This will not only help you organised your life but save you a lot of time.

Keep your employer informed

You can avoid lot of troubles by keeping you employer informed. Whenever your office hours clash with your family life especially when you have a baby, then you need to look for any alternative solutions like flexible work hours or other option like working from home. Everyone appreciates honesty and instead of burning yourself out and overworking, let your colleagues and boss know your problem.

Working lady

Ask for help whenever needed

Try to ask help whenever required. Whenever you learn to accept that you are not able to do everything, your life becomes much more easier. Even though you need to look after your kid, getting a nanny to look after your kids whenever you go for office is the best option. Also, you can delegate certain responsibilities to your colleagues at your work place which can be handled by them.

Try to avoid distractions

Whenever you are busy balancing your  work and family, there are certain distractions which can be a big trouble. You are already hard-pressed for time and there is no space to waste it on people or activities that add no value to your life and can be easily avoided.

Take out some time for yourself

No matter how demanding your office or family might be, try taking out some time for yourself. Your happiness matters the most because you can be at your productive best only when you have a healthy body and mind. Go out for walks or pick up a hobby that helps you relax. This will not only help you unwind after a long and busy day but will also make you look forward to a beautiful morning.

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