3 Things That Will Save Men From Being Friend Zoned While Asking Women Out


If you are also a part of dating game in today’s scenario, there are a lot of knowledge for men to gain when we talk about women. How do you find risking your elaborate sense of self-esteem to go through different conundrums, to impress women? Do you think it’s right? Well, that’s totally up to your discretion but in all honesty, women don’t make it easier for men too. They make sure, that men go through hoops before they can major in certain flexibilities, to win the championships or in other words, their hearts.

When asked from one of the guys, we discovered he was going through a tough time trying to get a girl to like him back and he didn’t understand why she was not interested in him.

Was it because he wasn’t good looking enough? No. Or Is It because he did not have a charming personality? Of course, he did. So what was it? Then it struck me! Women, of every kind and of every nature love to test a man, to figure out how he acts or reacts when she’s around him and if it’s too desperate or too needy, she walks the hell away. That’s probably what my friend was doing as well. Acting a bit too out there for her liking perhaps.

Do you know what women test you on? Well, luckily according to research there are 3 main tests women put you through and if you miserably fail those tests, you are friend zoned for lifetime. She might limit her interaction with you, and try to watch your reaction.

However there are indicators to define when she might test you, and there are 3 prominent ones you need to know right away, on how and when a girl is testing you.

When you try really hard:

When you try really hard, you come out of your comfort zone and she genuinely would think you are not being yourself. It is quite evident when you are trying to impress her by going out of your way. She will definitely withdraw to see how you react to her withdrawal and if you act out on it, you’re out of the game! Just be yourself to pass her test!

When She Senses You Might Get Too Clingy:

It’s like women have a radar for these sort of things and if they sense that you will become even remotely clingy after you guys hook up, she puts you to the test, right before it. She will stop answering your calls and play hard to get, just to gauge your reaction and if you overreact, then your time is up! For this sort of scenario, let her know way beforehand that you are not needy. In fact, use reverse psychology on her and let her know how you don’t like women who are clingy and how you run miles away when you sense someone is clingy! That will definitely change her perspective towards you.

When You are Trying Too Hard To Be Cool:

When you are playing too hard to be cool, she will always try to figure out if there are any chinks in your armour and if you think you’re doing a fairly good job of playing it cool, that’s when you get tested!

She will completely cut off herself from you and try and figure you out first. The trick is to not let her figure you out and keep the mystery intact. So, if you’re playing too cool for school, don’t overdo it. Keep the mystery element going and let her wonder who and what you really are.

So, if you display these 3 qualities consistently, be assured that you are going to be up for a test. You should be moderate in your responses and should not let her figure you out that easily. Because if she does figure you out, it is definitely over from her end and if she can not figure you out, she is yours to keep.