Things You Might Be Unaware About The Airplanes


The Wright brothers invented and flew the first airplane in 1903. It is considered the world’s first “sustained and controlled heavier-than-air powered flight.” Traveling to all the far-off, exotic places you love typically requires a flight on a plane, and while regular Jet Set readers already might know a lot of the nitty-gritty facts of flying commercial, you may not know all the weird, fascinating elements that go into the planes themselves. The are many facts you might be unaware about travelling on flights. Read on to find out what are they.

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There’s a tiny hole in each window

Have you ever noticed that your window seat is equipped with a teeny, i.e. a tiny hole in the double paned window. The main reason for this is, “Those little holes help equalize the pressure in the plane’s cabin as you fly. You don’t want your ears and nose to explode, do you?” said an executive at the major airline, whose contract would not allow to us to name him. “Those safeguard your facial holes, and a bunch of important flying equipment.”

The seats don’t align with the windows

The simple explanation behind the statement that the seats do not align with the windows is explained below. It is not related to the mechanics of the aviation but it a way for few planes to maximize their profits by arranging the rows to pack the passengers.

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Windows are round for strength

Have you anytime noticed that the windows in our house or offices are angular, but not so for the planes. Have you any time thought over it? It is because, the curved edges distribute the stress and also help to reduce the chances of breaking or cracking.

The plane bulges at the top.                              

Have you ever noticed that the airplane bulges more at the top when compared with the bottom? There exists a perfect reason for the same. The “airfoil” helps to get the plane off the ground and also into the sky. The particular shape splits the two distinct streams of air and also gives the plane its ability to lift off from the ground.

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There’s no one, uniform takeoff speed

Taking off of an airplane completely depends upon the gravity and drag, the weight of the plane must be calculated to figure out the perfect take off speed in order to achieve the real liftoff. “If anyone tells you a 747 and a crop duster require the same takeoff speed, they’re crazy, and you shouldn’t ever be their passenger,” the airline exec said.

Planes have miles of wires

Did you know the average Boeing 787 has between 60 to 70 miles of electrical wires? The wires help in keeping you warm, connected and safe and the captains in the cockpit are able to direct your plane right from the beginning till the end.

Some Expensive Glass

One windshield or the window frame of the Boeing 747-400’s cockpit costs as much as a brand new BMW car.

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