Want To Beat The Stress & Unwind? Virat Kohli Suggests Something That Is Going To Take You Back To Your Childhood!


Ever gave a thought about how sports has taken a backseat in our daily lives? How we have gotten busy in making our own careers and have not ever thought of or encouraged someone who wanted to make a career out of sports. 

A study was commissioned by Virat Kohli and global sports brand PUMA. Executed by KANTAR-IMRB the study reveals startling facts about the status of sports adoption in India.

One of the most shocking facts from the study was that 1/3rd of us have not done any physical activity even once in the last one year! In fact – 57% of us haven’t played any sport even once in the last one year. 

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Here are some of the changes that you can bring about to make sports/exercise a regular part of your life:

Attitudinal Change. Just like we keep fixed meal times, we need to just fix 30-45 mins a day to play a sport of our choice. This creates a routine and your body adapts to the effort needed – making it that much more fit and active.

Find a partner. A partner, even a long-distance one, can keep you motivated. Both of you can plan to work out every day and share updates. Accountability is key here. 

Start tracking your progress to boost your morale. Put up a chart in your room and start tracking how many days you’re working out. Measure your weight every two weeks. When you see the difference, it motivates you to stay active.

Participate in something fun. Try a marathon, a team sport or a fitness challenge. It’s a great way to set a goal and keep yourself motivated. 

Virat Kohli, too, thinks that sports is a great way to reduce stress and it is important for us to realise that.

Instead of wasting our time on social media and watching TV, it is advisable that we come out in the open, breathe in the fresh air and beat the stress through exercise, games, and sports. 

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