Food Sleep and Exercise are Success Essentials


These days, People are so busy achieving their life goals that they forget taking care of themselves. But when given an option between convenience and hard work, we all know which one wins.

But regardless of whether it is convenience or not, one’s health is foremost. It should come before everything in life, before daily routines, before office work and everything. Do you know why? Because if we are not healthy we can never attain our goals in office or at home.

Let’s know their importance food, sleep and exercise, and the reason why these should not be overlooked-


When its lunch time and you have worked for hours since you have woke up. Now when the hunger strikes you, the easy thing which comes in your mind is ordering fast food. You would never think of getting some salad for meals sometimes. But you won’t realize what the greasy and unhealthy foods which increase your calorie intake are doing to your post lunch productivity. Remember whatever you eat affects your productivity in different ways, therefore eat smart and healthy.

A lot of studies were carried out regarding fast food and it’s after effects. People who ate less high fat meals and more green vegetables and fruits were happier, more creative and more engaged, than the people who opted for high fat and high calorie lunches.


You at times go to work early morning and then work all day, and after a long day you return home when it’s already dark. Now you also have work piled up at home which you tend to complete and after a few hours later you crawl into bed and sleep. Then again you wake up early and maintain the same routine. May be this hectic schedule comes up with the job, but you need to ensure that you are getting adequate amount of sleep.

Now let us know why it is important to get proper sleep. High blood pressure, stress and lower brain function are mainly caused when you are sleep deprived, which would lower your performance rate automatically. Therefore creating a schedule such as allotting time to your job, then to your home activities and also some time for self; and now working according to the schedule is necessary. You will hit the bed with a calm mind once you are done with your activities and would wake up with a fresh mind.


Stress can get us to do the best of things at times. In this case what is better than exercising or lifting weight at the gym? Exercising regularly can help you drain off all the stress and daily pressures. Therefore one must take out at least 30 minutes in a day for work out and treat it as an essential part of your work.

As much as the idea of falling on your sword seems romantic, we can’t expect to kill ourselves with work and get too far. Self maintenance is very important as you can grow through it and do more than that and still be happy doing.