IndiGo, Vistara’s funny Twitter banter accompanied by other airlines. Here’s how it went


Coronavirus Pandemic across the globe has halted the business of all the airline companies. In addition, aircraft of several airline companies in India are grounded in the hangers as the services got paused. However, the official twitter handles of these airline companies got engaged in an online banter this morning.

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Indigo airlines started the conversation, poking at Vistara airways asked that “Hey @airvistara, not #flyinghigher these days we heard?”

Vistara gave an immediate reply to join the conversation and asked the opinion form Go Airlines India.

GoAir replied to Vistara and agreed that “Staying home is the safe feeling!” Go Air further asked the opinion of Air Asia.

Next, Air Asia joined the banter, and by using the catchphrase, the twitter handle asked opinion from spice Jet.

It was then Spice Jet replied –

Looking at all the conversation official twitter handle of Delhi Airport tagged all the airlines and gave an affirmative reply that good times will come again soon.

Finally, IndiGo ended the conversation with a message of unity.

This hilarious Twitter conversation between the official handles of airlines won the heart of the internet. Moreover, people started giving positive replies indicating that we will get over this bad time soon.