Here Are Three Reasons Why A Summer Internship At A Startup Would Prove Beneficial


Summer is the most popular season for internships among the students. Interested students are already on the lookout for good internships for the long summer.

Gone is the time when students just wanted to spend their vacations laying on their couch, binge-watching their favourite TV series.

Now, they want to do something productive during their vacations and what can be more productive than doing an internship.

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There has been a growing trend among the students for interning with startups for they have understood the importance of the learning opportunities in a startup.

Here are three main reasons why you should go for a summer internship in a startup.

It’s true learning experience

Unlike MNCs, startups have a flat hierarchy and smaller teams which makes it easier for the mentors to pay a concentrated attention to each intern under their umbrella, thus resulting in a better learning experience for the students.


The work environment is not too formal. No specific dress-code needs to be followed. Due to the existing flat hierarchy, there is no need to go through a long process in order to reach out to the senior members.

Also, one is often given responsibilities which require you to work on crucial projects right from ideating to planning and executing it. Sometimes, one might even be given an opportunity to handle a team of other interns and mentor them.

Helps develop an entrepreneurial spirit

Startups are usually incubated with an aim to achieve something truly disruptive. Contributing even a little to its journey towards success might turn out to be one of the most valuable experiences in a young mind’s career and life.


In all probability, one works directly with the founders or co-founders on projects they are passionate about and gain entrepreneurial qualities like critical thinking, taking calculated risks, passion, and perseverance to make things happen, optimism, leadership, team management etc.

One can explore several career options

Startups often have a limited staff and therefore, one is required to handle multiple responsibilities from time-to-time.

While working on them, one gets to perform tasks of varying conventions and thus, learn and explore different career paths that can be followed and finally decide what is one’s true calling. In addition to the exposure, one gets to work with other teams of the startup, which can be of great help in understanding different aspects of a business.


Also, while working with a diverse team, one meets people from different backgrounds which can prove to be helpful while looking for full-time jobs in the future.

Are these reasons strong enough or should we furnish you with more so that you decide on taking up a summer internship at a startup?

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