These Engineering Students Are Making Internships Hassle-Free


Intern Theory is a platform created to help students find the appropriate internships they need and for the companies to get the required interns they are looking for.

Vamil Sangoi was 19 years old in the year 2012 and a student of D.J. Sanghvi college in Mumbai when he was badly looking for an internship opportunity. However, he could not find any for over a year. But surprisingly he found out from his friends that it was the same case with most of the students.

Vamil found an internship in 2013 but the struggle period to get hold of one ignited an idea to him. He wanted to make the whole hunting for an internship process hassle-free for all. He became even more determined about the idea and he was certain he wanted to change the way people perceive internships.

Subsequently, in the year 2014, Vamil started Intern Theory along with some of his friends in Mumbai. It is an online internship portal that acts as a link between students looking for internships and companies offering internships and on the hunt for quality interns.

Intern Theory team tries to reach out to students from different cities in India with internships. These internships are posted by premium companies for over 40 professional fields. Vamil, who is now 23 explains that Intern Theory caters to all the recruitment needs of numerous established as well as small companies.

The whole idea is to make the process as easy as possible for both the students and the companies. The students who are hunting for internships can register on the website and add their details such as qualification, hobbies, and preferences. The companies that register and post internships find it easier to look through the information of students to filter as per their requirement of an intern. The interested students can apply to the internship vacancy posts from the companies which will be later reviewed by the respective companies.

Apart from internships, Intern Theory team also cater to full-time job requirements and a company’s recruitment needs. Soon Intern Theory will introduce online courses for a number of fields and topics which will be easily accessible to the students from the website itself.

The focus being internship, for building a team Vamil pulled in his friends from college who became his trustworthy co-founders- Dhruvi Dharia, Anshini Jhaveri, and Jugal Choksi.

Back then they were engineering students with the burden of academics and studies. They would meet after college in the library to meet their everyday goals and take minor steps towards making their idea a success. However, soon they realized they did not have the necessary experience. As they were young, generating credibility in the market was tough. They looked for help and learned everything about the business from scratch.

The team was able to bring onboard more than one lakh students, 4,500 companies and helped with 6,500  internships covering more than 25,000 vacancies.

Vamil thinks that the internship market is unorganized and so, Intern Theory tries to leverage the technology for application and hiring to make the complete process easy and quick.

(Photo Credit: Engineering, Science & Technology Resources Portal)