5 Tips To Transform A Startup Into A Big Business


Everyone wants their business to succeed and reach great heights. The startup that was so passionately established a few years back now should turn into a big business – this is the dream of every entrepreneur.


If one has a desire to turn the startup into a success then the key is to act hungry and stay hungry. The worst thing one can do is start trying to suppress the idea that one wants something great.

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There is no need to suppress that feeling because suppressing something means that one would be de-motivating oneself. It is important to let that desire for success rip.

Nine out of ten startups fail because too many entrepreneurs stay in ‘startup mode’ way too long.

Here are some tips that would help a startup transform into a grownup. 

Hire a great team

In the startup phase,one is handling everything alone.To become a grownup business one has to start investing in great people to do tasks you can no longer do. For that one needs a great team.

Three-quarters of all small businesses have zero employees which highlight the fact that people are resistant to delegating responsibility — they don’t trust others to do the same quality and level of work.

It is a misnomer to think people cost money; a lack of production and a failure to grow the business costs far more money. 

Choosing the right battles

It is meaningless to spend time and energy over things that are really insignificant. There are many more important things to obsess over — gaining customers and making money. While hunting big game one should not waste time on swatting mosquitoes.

Make the haters love you

It is very important for a startup to get known in the industry. It is important to get attention for the entrepreneur, the idea, and the company — it’s the gateway to every money that is raised.

There will be a number of haters but then one has to prove oneself. Only after that, the haters would realise the worth of the company and the brain behind that.

Pitching the idea with more confidence

It is very important to know how to pitch oneself and one’s business.One should be ready to quickly explain what the company does and know how to tell people it is better, faster and adds real value to the marketplace — then make huge claims to the world.

Creating urgency for the business

One needs to have a rough plan chalked out for the business and following that would give the business a sense of urgency. Unless there is pressure to be bigger and better, a company is always going to be stuck in the startup mode.

These tips would be helpful to accelerate, become known in one’s space and start grabbing market share from other, more established, players.

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