Why Did You Start A Business-To Feel Significant Or Do Something Significant?


Entrepreneurship is not an easy job and those who take that up should be ready for all kinds of challenges that life will be throwing at them. So, those who decide to be entrepreneurs must always be courageous and remember in their mind the reason for which they had chosen to take this up.


But let’s be honest. One of the most common reasons for anyone to take up entrepreneurship is to be significant. People care about what others think about themselves and want to feel significant in front of strangers as well as those who love them. Also, they wish to feel significant to themselves – that gives them a sense of self-satisfaction

Significance- its pros and cons

While wanting to feel significant can come handy as a catalyst for innovation and betterment in the business; it might also act as a source of comparison and hence sadness.

Entrepreneurship is fraught with failures and if all one expects from this is to feel significant, then a simple roadblock might lead to depression.

We tend to create content, build products and commit to new projects not because it provides genuine significance to others, but rather it helps us feel more significant within.

However, wanting to feel significant is an unavoidable situation – it is one of the basic needs that human beings have. The need to feel essential, unique and important comes hand-in-glove with the need for certainty, uncertainty, love, connection, growth and contribution to the society.

But to be truly successful, basing one’s business solely on the purpose feeling significant is not going to serve any purpose.

It is important to think otherwise.

It’s important to lose control and let go

Many people choose to leave their secure jobs and venture out into entrepreneurship because they want to feel important. They are tired of being treated as number two and want to become number one. Their desire for significance drives a business, for sure but not for long.

Business is about having a greater impact on people’s lives and not feeding one’s ego.

The delegation of jobs is an essential start to this process – it is important that one stops being an entrepreneur and starts being a CEO.

To understand that the business is not about one person

Significance often brings about the initial bout of success, because in the beginning, it’s this that drives one to hustle, take risks, push one out of the comfort zone and believe in what one is doing when everyone else thinks it is insane.

But people often confuse this to be the end-all of a business. A business is never turning out to be successful if it does not care about its customers. It is never only about a single entrepreneur but about a lot of more people who are involved and (or) being impacted by the business.

Successful businesses stall because the people behind them are afraid to let go. They cling to their old mindset, instead of embracing the entrepreneurial mindset they need to take their initial success to the next level.

It is important to understand that an entrepreneur and her business can never be synonymous.

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