“Namaste” Being Govt’s Official Video-Calling App Is Fake News


A piece of news is emerging on social media that the Indian government has launched the video calling app called “Namaste”. According to the rumours on social media, this application is termed official by the Indian government and will fight against unsafe zoom application. Furthermore, people on social media are praising the efforts of the Indian government for launching this useful application.

However, the rumour is partially incorrect and is “fake news“. The official Instagram handle of mygovindia has busted the fake news getting viral on social media and have posted about it on their Instagram handle.

Although the video calling web application “Namaste” does exist and is even got popular among thousands of users. It got developed by a Mumbai-based web application and software development company called “Inscripts”. The company is yet to respond to these social media rumours.

Hence the rumours surfacing across the social media are baked and partial fake news.

At the time of coronavirus pandemic, people are now relying on Zoom web application for video calling. People are using Zoom for several purposes such as office meetings, online classroom lectures etc. However, Zoom application has got termed as unsafe and has got banned in several countries.

Moreover, according to the reports, Zoom is a Chinese web application and is very much unsafe. Lakhs of user ID and password of users are already available for sale in the dark web for low prices. Several governments around the world have banned “zoom”, and even the Indian government has termed it unsafe.