This Startup Makes Yoga Pants That Alert You If You’re Doing It Wrong


New gadgets and gizmos are always fascinating to us. Technological advancements are making our life easier. 

An exciting new addition has been made to the list of gadgets with smart technology. The new entrant to the family is Wearable X’s Nadi X Yoga pants guided by artificial intelligence to help gain optimum results during a Yoga session.

According to the New York-based startup, the smart pants have woven-in technology with sensors around the hips, knees, and ankles to guide your flow with gentle vibrations for easier yoga. This helps the user to gain optimum results while working out. 

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It has sensors built into the pants that sense and analyse the shape of the body. Then the feedback is given to you with directional vibration, so it feels like a grounding down, or a lifting up, or a rotating in the hips.

The Nadi X is specifically designed for yoga. The CEO of the startup, Billie Whitehouse says,

“This isn’t necessarily about correct or incorrect yoga, it’s about pants that make you feel good and feel more connected to yourself. So, drawing the awareness and the attention to those parts of your body you don’t necessarily always focus on.”

Nadi X comes with a companion iPhone app and device, called The Pulse. The Pulse is where the battery and Bluetooth module clips behind the upper left knee so as not to interfere with your yoga practice. 

The company is now launching a Kickstarter campaign for four new designs, including a menswear line and redesigned user-friendly app with enhanced features.

The new features include progress tracking, customizable playlist “yoga flows” whereby the user can create a truly personalized practice and yoga practice incentives. It’s notable that last year yoga pants outsold denim worldwide. 

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