Women’s Ultimate Guide on Dressing for the Yoga Class


You may have recently discovered an affinity towards yoga and heading for your first class ever you may now have the challenge of deciding what to wear. It becomes stressful if you do not have the right outfit for the act of yoga which ironically is meant for relaxing and meditating. Wearing the right piece of clothing makes a significant difference because you should be able to bend, stretch and feel comfortable while various positions during the class.

You will find plenty of options and activewear brands that provide you with the best of gears you will need to be a top yogi. So let us get on with the list of pieces that you should invest in.


It is vital to choose a good sports bra to have a comfortable yoga session especially if you are big busted. Whether you want to wear the bra underneath a top or on its own you need one that supports you well as you don’t want your bra slipping out of place during the session revealing whats beneath. For an intense yoga session, v-neck bras, lightweight and light in color may not be a good choice to go for.


Tanks or singlets are great for yoga sessions as they offer free arm movements. Don’t go for loose ones anytime as you require lots of upside down or angled movement. Don’t allow what you wear to be a reason for getting distracted during sessions. Go for a tank or singlet that is form fitting but is not too suffocating.

Long sleeve Tops

Just as tanks it is best to go for form fitted long sleeve tops. Don’t go for ones that have a very low neckline. And if you rather choose to go for a loose long sleeve top wear it with a singlet underneath. And according to the class’s atmosphere, you can either keep the top or remove it to reveal the singlet beneath to keep your body warm or cool.


Tights provide you with the most comfort and stretchability that you need for a full range of movement during a yoga session and also to allow your instructor to check your alignment. You need to consider the right material like quick-drying fabric as they will absorb any sweat and help you make certain poses easy. As for length, you can either go for cropped or full-length tights according to your preference.


Don’t go for short shorts and loose ones as you will be twisting your body for many different positions so it is better to go for styles that keep you covered. Make sure you feel confident wearing shorts as you don’t want to feel all exposed. The perfect length is the one that finishes around mid thigh.


So yoga doesn’t require any footwear. But anyways you need to pair your outfit with appropriate shoes. Sneakers can be best but wearing slides or sandals can be practical to easily put on and take off prior to and after the yoga session.


So yoga classes also call for some decisions on accessories. Obviously, you need to leave your jewellery home. Headbands can be helpful. Another accessory which is vital for yoga is your mat. Maybe the classes will provide you with one to use so confirm it beforehand. And after a few classes, you can invest on your own. Other than the range of colors and thickness you need to wisely choose the material of the mat as well. Purchase a yoga bag, water bottle, and towel so that you are hydrated and sweat free respectively.