It’s Possible To Be A Hardworking Employee Without Sacrificing Your Personal Life, Know How


We are the millennials. We want a lot out of everything and does not want to lose out on anything at all. As far as our jobs are concerned, we apply the same logic there as well. We want to be the most hardworking employee so that we remain in the good books of our boss. 

However, while doing that we often end up sacrificing our personal lives. 

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But this type of lifestyle is not necessary for success, growth or job satisfaction. In fact, it can actually hurt you.

The main message here is: You can be the apple of your manager’s eye even if you don’t make working overtime a habit. However, while you are in office, you have to be completing everything assigned and turning it on time.

Here are some simple steps to be a hardworking employee without sacrificial the personal life. 

Staying engaged in the right kind of way

A certain way to signal that you don’t care about your job or your teammates (even if that isn’t necessarily true), is to spend your time with them with your eyes glued to a screen.

Instead, be present in meetings and all other conversations you have. Ask questions, provide helpful feedback and context. Listening intently is very important.

This applies to remote workers, too. Working off-site doesn’t mean you’re off the hook when it comes to communication. If anything, you’ll probably need to make a bit more of an effort, but it’s worth it if it means you’re staying in the loop and others are, too. 

Know when to say ‘Yes’ and when to say ‘No’

It is important to be a person who is a go-getter and takes charges. But that does not mean that you should be a “yes person.” It’s also crucial to know when and how to turn down requests for help, new assignments, and so forth. Putting too much on your plate is a recipe for becoming severely overwhelmed. 

The key is knowing not just how much you can fit on your plate, but how much you can execute at a high-quality rate. 

Check in with your boss on a regular basis

The one-on-one time with your manager is super useful and must be utilised to its fullest. It’s your time to update her on your progress, ask for help, discuss career goals and get to know each other a little bit better.

Taking these meetings seriously will reassure your boss that you are, in fact, doing what you’re supposed to be doing, and it’ll also signal that you care. And caring is a big part of being a good employee.

There will be occasions in which you need to put in a little extra time. But that doesn’t have to be an ongoing theme in your life. 

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