How to Become Your Boss’s Dream Employee


There is a fundamental rule of employment which is you being there to make your manager successful. One can become a manager’s dream employee by doing everything needed with a helpful attitude so that all can succeed together. To be precise employees that made their boss’s lives easier.

The beneficial part of any employee in doing so is that they grow as a performer, professional and as a member of a team. One begins to learn more about how to be a leader and develops their potential for leadership. The boss most likely becomes the mentor and guide. This brings ample of opportunities.

This just requires a commitment to make it happen. Here are some tips to becoming your boss’s dream employee and making their life and job easier every day.

Try to know your boss better

You need to understand how your boss fundamentally functions. You have to figure out what he needs you to do and how he wants you to deliver it.

For instance, how does he want updates reported, verbally, through presentation or spreadsheet? How does he want information delivered through email, in a meeting or via voicemail?

By knowing your manager’s preferences you are able to deliver work the way they need it and they will surely appreciate your gesture.

Know your boss’s goals

Being an employee you are so determined in achieving your goals that you completely forget that you are there to help your manager accomplish their goals. Simply ask your manager during a meeting or while they assign you some work of what their goals and priorities are so that you will be able to support them in achieving those targets.

Don’t let your manager be blindsided

If there is a situation going out of hands, ensure your manager knows about it or they will be taken by surprise. They will be in absolute blindside unprepared to handle the situation and most importantly not happy with you.

Blindsiding your boss creates frustration and chaos and avoiding it will help both the manager and you.

Never expect spoon-feeding

The fact is no manager likes to babysit an employee. For instance, you have doubts about the little things like where to find the supplies, or about the various perks, find a colleague who knows better to answer you.

Save the time with your boss for tasks related discussions and for issues that help you put intellectual efforts demonstrating your capabilities to your boss.

Meet with your deadlines (or even beat it!)

When your manager assigns you tasks, eagerly commit to the deadline and aim to deliver the completed work at least one day prior to the deadline. This way your manager has enough time to adapt in case something comes up and most of the times that does happen.

Offer more solutions not problems

The part of your job is to identify problems, and proactively find solutions for it. Think about how you can solve certain challenges. You don’t want to go on complaining about an issue to your boss but step forward to have a conversation on how a situation can be improved. This way your boss notices how you have already started taking actions to resolve the issue.

Always do what you say and say what you do

When you say that you will complete something by Thursday but come on Thursday unprepared as you were ‘stuck with other things’ then probably your teammates will complain about you to your boss.

If your manager was counting on your word think of this as the worst case scenario. The inconvenience caused can annoy your manager.

A dream employee would be accountable for their actions and abide by their words. They make their bosses believe in them that he can count on that employee no matter what.

The manager has a stressful and tough job and has to suffer all the pressure which may not be noticed by many. The employees who support and help their managers succeed are the golden ones for the manager. Thus, help your manager while you develop your own professional skills and make the job of a boss easier. One day when you will be at a manager position you will appreciate the same.