Depression is a disease of Loneliness


Loneliness is a word which itself defines as a feeling of being lonely or a feeling of being separated from others, feeling of lacking confidence to connect with others. Mental stress leads to isolation, and instills a fear that we differ from others. At times it feels like we are wearing a sign which states we are facing mental illness. It looks easy to believe that we are different. Feeling lonely, segregating ourselves, spurs a state of isolation.

Mental Illness is an Isolating Disease

Isolation makes oneself feel chronic emptiness. A fear of life, Depression isolation and anxiety. It can define mental illness and negatively effect recovery and the sense of self. When an individual is diagnosed as a mental patient their perception about themselves changes. Life may look two sided before the after the diagnosis. It would look tough to separate and integrate the person you are right now and what you actually were before.

Reclaiming Your Life From the Isolation and Loneliness of Mental Illness

Coming back from this is not easy but also not impossible and the process is worth a reward. Firstly always try to understand that you are a lot more than your depressive state: you are the person exact same as you were before the diagnosis, maybe you will start functioning well, and your life becomes manageable. Recovery has become a state of being and not just a pursuit to achieve it.

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It can be beneficial to seek therapy. Talking about how isolated you feel, how you feel you are different from others is helpful. A competent therapist, a therapist that you can feel comfortable with (this is very important), can help you understand that you are not different than others.

It helps to remember that people are simply different from each other and this is what makes us unique. This is what makes the world an interesting and accomplished place. You are unique, but you are not exclusively unique. Try to think of what makes you special: the things you do for fun, painting or running for example, traits that define you as a person. Remind yourself that you are you; you are never defined by mental illness alone.

You cannot ignore the fact that you have a mental illness, you need to treat mental illness effectively, and work to become or stay recovered, but your life, your personality, is much more than the diagnosis that your psychiatrist has written beside your name. If you can do this, then it is possible to connect with others, and not just those who have a mental illness, people that were your friends before the diagnosis, and the new ones you will meet after.

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