Busting Myths and stating facts on how Google hires


For most of the job seekers, Google is their dream company. If you are not amongst them, then you must read this article which tells the top 3 reasons for joining Google.


Google offers phenomenal perks: Google pays the partner/spouse of a deceased employee, 50 percent of their salary for 10 years as death benefits. In life and in death, Google keeps your interests at heart.

Employee Happiness Matters: When you will get a chance to work at Google, you will have a Jolly Good Fellow for the company. It is the official title of the company of its Chief Happiness Officer (CHO). The CHO is tasked with many employee focused happiness initiatives those promote happiness at the work place.

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Abundant Talent: In most of the companies, the “exceptional talent” is at minority. It is not the case with Google as the company manages to attract some of the finest talents across the world. Working with such sharp minds will only going to add to your repertoire of skills.

Hiring technique of Google

Google only hires from Ivy-League institutions: It is a myth. If you have heard this before than its absolutely wrong. Google hires people from all the colleges with all types of backgrounds. If you have talent in you then Google will hire you even though you haven’t attended the college.

Prepare up for some Brainteasers :This is another myth. If you want to get the wonderful perks and witness the fabulous corporate culture which exists at Google, then you must prepare yourselves for some brainteasers during your interview. Its wrong. When you are interviewed at Google no one is going to ask you the brainteasers or some crazy questions.

Too many interview rounds: The interview rounds for Google are limited to 4 and not too many.

How is the hiring process in Google?

Get in your application: To go through the first step, you need to submit compelling and a powerful resume. See to that the length of your resume is less than 2 pages.

Don’t make any errors in the resume: Have your friend or a mentor scan your resume from top to bottom to spot for any errors in your Resume that might have skipped your chance. Remember: First impressions tend to be the Last impressions.

Pay attention to the Bullet points: Bullet points in a Resume are important. These should not just be a list of what you’ve done but should convey impact of what you have done or achieved.

Phone conversations: Once your Resume is reviewed and approved of, you might get into a phone conversation from a Google recruiter. The things that a recruiter at Google might be keen to know during this phone conversation could be about your experience, your background, your potential fit with the role, etc.


Technical rounds: If Google decides to proceed with your candidature, an additional telephonic interaction with the team that you are being considered for could follow. If you are applying for a technical role, this could mean a coding interview.

Onsite interviews: Now is your chance, this is your moment! You’ll get to witness in-person the incredible infrastructure and the work environment during the all-important onsite interview. For people applying for a technical role, this could mean questions on topics like Data Structures, Coding, Algorithms, etc. Here you might also get some breaks that could include an informal lunch may be even with other members in the team you are being considered for or even the hiring manager.

Once that process is done to the satisfaction of the recruiter, your Resume and any work samples that you submitted gets forwarded to the Hiring Committee which signs off on it. The next level involves taking approvals from Senior-level Googlers, and once it’s approved that’s all there is. Next could be the Phone Call that breaks that pleasant news you’ve been waiting for: You are hired and here’s your Offer.

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