Google Invests $25 Mn To Expand News Initiative For Online Video


Google is making plans to expand its recently launched Google News Initiative (GNI) to support the future of news in online video, and improve the news experience on YouTube.

The Mountain View-California headquartered company said in a statement that it is committing $25 million towards a “YouTube-specific investment”. 

As per this exercise, the company will be establishing a working group with news organizations and experts from around the world to help Google in developing new product features, improve the news experience on YouTube, and tackle emerging challenges. News organizations including Vox Media, Jovem Pan, and India Today are early members of the working group.

“We’re looking forward to having more join as we convene the group in the coming weeks,”

Google said. 

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In June this year, when the Google News Initiative was launched the company stated that it will promote an extensive training network in India to raise awareness against misinformation and provide new tools to journalists in their fight against fake news.

Under the Initiative, Google will provide training to 8000 journalists in English and six other Indian languages in the next one year.

On Tuesday, Google said that it will also provide funding across around 20 global markets to support news organizations in building sustainable video operations. The grants are expected to enable its partners to build key capabilities, train staff on video best practices, enhance production facilities and develop formats optimized for online video.

The company is also significantly expanding its team focused on supporting news publishers.

“These specialists will be based around the world and support partners with training and best practices in formats, audience development, day-to-day platform operations, and sophisticated technical integrations,”

it said. 

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