WhatsApp Makes The User Privacy More Stronger By This New Feature Update


Today millions of people around the globe are using WhatsApp, and whether any other application is downloaded on any smartphone or not, this application is quite common and definitely present on the home screen of users. Through this app, you can share not only text, photos, and videos, but also document files, so you can easily exchange files easily without using email.

Almost everyone uses WhatsApp today. This application is present in different devices like Android, iOS and even PC. In this astonishing application, people can interact with each other and can be associated with many groups. People can aad you in any group without your consent. However, you can leave that group later. Many users are concerned about the fact that they are edited in the group without their consent. Looking at the problem of its users, WhatsApp is preparing to roll out a new feature.

Its testing and development are currently running on iOS devices. But it is expected that this feature will also be tested in Android devices soon. This information about this new feature is provided by WABetaInfo. The Group Invitation Control function is currently in an Inactive State. That’s because it’s currently in the process of the development stage. To use this feature, users will have to go to the settings section in WhatsApp. After that, one needs to tap on the Privacy button on Account. In this section, one can adjust this feature according to your requirements and group section.

The Groups setting will have three setting options. First Everyone, Second My Contacts, and Third Nobody. These configurations will get active when someone will try to add a user to a group. Everyone will be able to add any user to any group. When selecting My Contacts, the users in the contact list will be able to make it a part of the group. The user who has the inventory for the group can accept it or the user can accept it.

The third and last option would be Nobody. After activating it, no use even of your contacts will be able to add you in any part of any WhatsApp group. After enabling it, if a group admin sends a group invoice to a user, then the user will have to accept or reject this invitation in 3 days (72 hours). This feature by Whatsapp will also stop spamming and irritating popups and messages from unidentified groups.