Android 9 Pie aim to reduce your screen addiction


Android Pie offers a wide range of changes to what has gone before, introducing iPhone X-style home screen swipes for the first time – where an upwards swipe returns you to the home screen. But the most interesting new feature is called Digital Wellbeing. And, ironically, while Pie itself is available now, Digital Wellbeing is offered as a beta until the fall. If you have a Pixel phone running Android Pie, you can grab that beta from Google.


So, here’s a list of reasons to update your Operating system.

The dashboard: The google has initiated the new Digital Wellbeing program to curb down the phone addition. This is still to be rolled out, but Pixel users can sign up for the same.

Notification and New look: With the new option of notification, you will have options of replying on the social media and messages.  The setting gives more colours for themes.

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Easy Navigation: Google wants to make navigation simpler and more adaptive. Android 9 comes with a new system navigation featuring a single home button. With a single, clean home button, you can swipe up to see a newly designed Overview, the spot where at a glance you have full-screen previews of your recently used apps. This is helpful as phones grow taller and it is more difficult to get things done on your phone with using one hand.

Dark Mode: Google has also added an official dark mode option in the Settings app. Rather than relying on the wallpaper to trigger the dark mode, as had been the case up until this point, users can now decide whether to always use dark mode, light mode, or let the phone decide for itself.


Upgraded Screenshot tools: With the new OS you can easily take screenshot while pressing the power button, then tap screenshot. Even the older method of holding the power and the volume-down still works. Along with the screenshot shortcut you can even edit your screenshot pictures.  As soon as your screenshot is saved, the preview notification will display an Edit button. Selecting Edit will open a mark-up tool for you to draw, crop, or highlight the screenshot before sharing it.

Moreover, Google has upped its emoji game. Android P comes with 157 new emojis, all of which had been previewed to Pixel users in June during the beta programme. Some of these new emojis include a superhero, a llama, and a gender-neutral family.

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