Things You Should Do With Your Partner Every Month


A strong relationship is not a sprint but a marathon. It takes more than the occasional romantic getaways with your partner or pick-me-ups to keep the relationship healthy and happy at the same time evolving. If you wish to grow your relationship with your partner here’s what you should do with them every month.

Skip town

Our everyday life may start to feel mundane and the easiest remedy is travel. The jet-setting may not be possible for every month, however, a quick trip outside your town can help you get out of your troubles.

Maybe get a weekend escape to a cozy Airbnb or go for a long drive to the next town and grab a lunch.

Socialize solo

It is great to hang out with your friends and family as a unit however it is equally important to nurture your personal connections without towing your partner. In short, don’t drag your partner to your bestie’s birthday bash.

This gives you and your partner breathing room and won’t allow you to be totally sick of each other. Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

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Share a romantic meal

Food is rarely enjoyed when both you and your partner are having rushed dinners together as you are busy during the weeknights. It is crucial to indulge in a romantic meal at least once a month.

Either treat yourselves by going out to a fancy restaurant or have a cook in candlelight dinner and enjoy the great company. Catch during an amazing meal.

Give gifts

You don’t need to shower your partner with expensive gifts. A thoughtful gesture goes a long way. You know their likes and dislikes by now and to let them know you care you can bring them something they like. Like your partner’s favorite red wine when you know they have had a crappy day.

Or getting back a souvenir for them from a business trip you just had, just cause. This is a subtle indication to your beau that you always think of them.

Try something new

Pick something that you both are interested in. Maybe going for a live music show, hiking trail or going some cultural place you both wanted to visit. The ultimate way to bond is by having shared experiences. It is a great way to educate and challenge each other also make new memories.

Maybe go to the forest, zoo or museum and learn something absolutely new about other things and your partner at the same time.

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