If A Man Has These Special Qualities, Never Let Him Go!


We are all humans and we all have flaws. Yet there are some men who have certain qualities that make them better than other men. These men are really suited for being loving partners as compared to others. There are few men who aren’t simply cut for the job. Sometimes it is all about change and the sign of times how some men will be fitting for you whilst others may not. But the same others might become or grow into someone suited for you over the time.

We all learn and develop with time make errors and try again in different situations and phases of our life. That goes the same for certain characteristics and there are few characteristics that make a man a great one.

Let us take a look at some qualities in a man that if you find in your partner then he really is a keeper.

When he looks at you, he is really looking at you

If your man looks directly into your eyes creating a sort of invisible attraction that connects you both then he is basically looking into your soul. He is trying to look into the person who remains hidden beyond your eyes.

It is the ‘you’ that you keep hidden from others. It is the look that two people who are in love share. If your man looks at you in this manner then girl, you are a lucky woman.

He is kind, but not a pushover

There are men who have aggressive personalities who try to position everyone around them low. Then there are men who are afraid of commitment and who are weak willed. You better stay away from both the extremes.

A man with a combination of power and sympathy is what you want. A man, who is kind at heart, yet can win over any fight that he never started in the first place but makes sure he finishes it. They are able to choose their battles wisely yet never hurt someone purposely.

He is patiently driven

A man who is ready to face the challenges in every circumstance and who patiently balances every aspect of life. He is a man who is on the path to success but won’t slaughter everything in life just to become a champion of some sorts or become a millionaire.

He is ambitious yet humble

A man who doesn’t sway by every success he makes in his life. He is a dreamer yet won’t promise you things he cannot deliver. He strives to make a better living and make your life best yet never give you false hopes.

He cooks

This is self-explanatory. It is sexy when a man knows things around the kitchen. More than the sex appeal a man who can tend to be healthier as he prepares his own meal. And who doesn’t want a healthy partner?

He is physically active

When a man is physically active he will be physically attractive and sexually active as well. If you are looking for someone for the long run then he needs to be someone who exercises. This is because if he doesn’t stay physically active then there is the possibility of low sexual activity.

He is cocky but not too cocky

If you have a man who is wise, smart and intelligent then he surely is a keeper only if he doesn’t get too cocky. Confidence is one thing and is generally attractive. But cockiness can ruin a relationship over the time. We appreciate the strength in a man but you will never know when the smart man turns into a total jerk.

He makes you chuckle all the time

If a man doesn’t make you laugh then being in a relationship with him is not a good idea. The more a man tries to light up the world around you and makes you smile and chuckle the more he deserves to be your man.

He makes you feel his love

Words, ideas, and intentions have a very significant role in life. What is more important is the action to prove the words right. It is bliss to keep hearing the words that he loves you but if his actions fall short time and again and you can only hear him but not feel the love then he is not the right guy.

To maintain peace he is willing to lose an argument

Every couple argues, sometimes one person is right or the other is wrong. Sometimes it is all about the difference of opinion. You deserve a man who doesn’t make you feel like you are wrong or the ideas you hold are wrong. He respects your opinion and understands you is a quality that you deserve.

He is always ready to help you

Again this proves as his action towards expressing you are his love. It is a simple idea about men if you see that’s what they feel. They are always there for you, they take care of you and always strive to keep you happy. They always think of you.

You have become a part of him

He wants to call you his own not just your body but your mind too. He is crazy about what you say, think and do and how you say think or do. He is vigilant of your likes and dislikes. He takes these parts of you as his own.