How To Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Healthy Under Quarantine


Amid coronavirus pandemic, most of the major cities in the world are under lock-down. Borders got closed, airline services have got halted, and people can’t even step out of their homes.

Love & relationship in this pandemic situation sucks! Most importantly, keeping relationships alive and healthy during self- quarantine is quite necessary.

Here are some ways to keep the long-distance relationship alive during the time of quarantine –
Connect virtually with your other half

Its the best time to grab your gadgets and make the best use of them. There are several applications and platforms which will help you video talk, play online games together, chat through social media applications. This will help you both overcome loneliness and will make you both feel more involved.

Sending love messages by holding a placard with a special note would be the best idea! Who knows how creative things will get virtually?

Have A Heart-To-Heart Conversation

Most of the couples living alone in self-quarantine might be having depression and anxiety issues. It’s quite apparent that the pandemic virus is creating fear among the people. Now is the best time to have a heart to heart conversation.

Talk to your partner whole heratedly. Share your feelings, anxiety issues, and things that are bothering you. Try to comfort each other and be a good listener as well. Its the best time to stand beside each other.

Plan to stream movies and TV shows together

Even if you are in a long-distance relationship, couples can plan a date together. You both won’t be sharing the same couch to watch things together. Plan to stream similar movies, TV shows, serials, songs, and talk about it later on the phone. Watch your favourite shows with popcorn beer, food & snacks which you like the most.

Gift each other self-care packages

Its the perfect time to make use of e-commerce websites and order gifts, self-care kits, favourite cookies, or foods for each other. It would be even advisable to present each other with healthcare products so that your other half remain safe and healthy.

Quarantine is a temporary situation.

Quarantine is a temporary situation, and this too shall pass. It’s just a matter of a few weeks. It’s advisable to prepare a list of relaxing activities, hobbies which you can do at home. Make sure to check on your partner, living far away from you by calling them regularly.