The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Human Intelligence?


Intelligence is defined as the general ability necessary for learning, problem-solving and reasoning. Due to its general nature and intelligence integrates the cognitive functions like planning, language, memory, perception and attention. Intelligence is usually measured by the standardized tests which are obtained from the scores which are predicted through the educational achievements, your job performance, longevity and health.


Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is the study and the design of the Intelligent agents. These agents always have the ability of analyzing the environments and also produce the actions those maximize success.  Artificial Intelligence research tools and the insights from various fields those include science, psychology, operations research, economics, control theory, logic, optimization, linguistics, neuroscience, cognitive science. AI research also overlaps with the tasks like robotics, scheduling, data mining, control systems, speech recognition, facial recognition and others.

Human Intelligence:

Human Intelligence is defined in terms of quality of mind which is made up of the capabilities for learning from the previous experiences, adaptation to the new situations, handling abstract ideas and the ability to change his or her own environment with the help of gained knowledge.

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Human Intelligence also provides various kinds of information. It also provides various observations while traveling or the other events from the travelers, refugees and the escaped friendly POWs etc. It can also provide data on things about the subject that has specific knowledge that can be another human subject in case of the spies and defectors, sensitive information that they have access.


What are the advantages of Artificial Intelligence over Human Intelligence?

Speed of execution: While one doctor diagnose in 10 minutes, AI system can make a million in the same duration.

Less Biased: They don’t have the biased opinions on the decision making process.

Operational Ability: Work isn’t halted due to saturation.

Accuracy: The preciseness of the output increases

AI always have significant dominance in various tasks especially when it comes to the monotonous judgments.

Human Intelligence whirls around the adapting environment with the help of combination of the various cognitive processes. AI mainly focuses on the design of machines those mimic the human behavior. The The AI researchers are able to go as far as the implementing Weak AI but not the strong one.

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