5 Jobs In Artificial Intelligence Those Will Help You To Boost Your Career


It is said that, Artificial Intelligence (AI) would revolutionize the industries and technologies around us. More than 47% of all the US employment, it is likely to get automated over the next decade. Some even fear that, AI would be taking the jobs and the field is expected to create nearly 2.3 million fresh jobs by the end of 2020.


Brandon Purcell, an analyst at Forrester said, “We’ll continue to see job growth in anything AI-related for the next five to 10 years, which is one of the things that will mitigate the oft-publicized inevitable job loss due to AI-led automation.” If you are planning to kick-start your career in AI, here are the top 5 AI jobs and their average salaries.

Machine learning engineer

The machine learning engineer is the most sought after the job in AI. The person having a job role of a Machine learning engineer needs to possess strong software skills and must have the ability to apply the predictive models for utilizing the natural language processing while working on the massive data sets. The professional also needs to know the methodologies of software development along with the agile practices and the complete range of modern software development tools.

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Data scientist

The data scientist involves analyzing, collecting and interpreting the large amount of data. Machine learning and the predictive analysis can also help in gaining the insights beyond the statistical analysis. The data scientists also have expertise in using the big data platforms and the tools those include Hadoop, Spark, Mapreduce, Hive and Pig. The professionals must also be fluent in programming languages related to database.


Business intelligence developer

Most of the times, business depends upon the business critical decisions made. There is a surge in jobs available for business intelligence (BI) professionals. The main job of the BI professional is the complex data and have look at the current business and the market trends. The professionals also try to increase the efficiency and the profitability of the organization.

Research scientist

Research Scientist is an expert with multiple AI disciplines those include applied mathematics, computational statistics and machine learning. These areas include deep learning, reinforcement learning, computer perception, natural language processing and graphical models. Most research scientists that get a job in AI-focused organizations hold masters or doctoral degree.

 Robotic scientist

Robotic science is study that involves multiple functions from the healthcare, security and space exploration. The main function of the robotic scientist is building a mechanical device or robots those perform tasks based on the human commands. The robots can automate the jobs but they need programmers those work for ensuring their job function.

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